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Campaigns I’d like to run, Part III

This is perhaps the most mainstream of the lot. I originally thought of this before TORCHWOOD, and I still think it’s different enough to have fun with.

Campaign: The Broadsword Files

Concept: Simple. Doctor Who meets The X-Files plus Delta Green.

Inspirations (Movies & TV): Doctor Who, The X-Files, The Puppetmasters, Aliens, Invasion: Earth, The Quatermass stories, The Omega Factor, UltraViolet, 24, The Grid

Inspirations (Books): Nick Pope’s Operation Lightning Strike and Operation Thunderchild, Tom Clancy’s Ops Center and the Jack Ryan novels.

System: Gumshoe (EsoTerrorists/Fear Itself).

Background: No-one would have believed, in the early years of the 21st Century…

In the early 1960’s, London briefly became the battleground for two antagonistic factions of a deadly alien cyborgs. Less than five years later, a powerful alien presence sealed off the London underground and drove the populace from the heart of the city. In both cases, mankind triumphed, with help from “out there”. In the decades since, humanity’s survival has hinged on the actions of a handful of men and women from armed services all around the globe. Banded together in a common cause, they are UNIT, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce.

Seconded from the militaries of their host country, often working at odds with internal security, under-funded and under-estimated, these covert warriors strive to protect humanity from the countless alien terrors that seem drawn to our world. Whether it’s brokering peace with the Silurians, mopping up Cybermen, or fending off a new invasion by the Nestene Consciousness, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

In an age of global paranoia and alternative facts, no one takes the UN seriously any more. Decades of incompetence and corruption have tarnished the dream. But UNIT remains… and so do their enemies.

Having fought off an attempted coup in Britain by ICIS (the British Internal Counter Intelligence Service), UNIT’s upper ranks were devastated by the alien Slitheen and rebuilt by Dr Kate Stewart. Broadsword, UNIT’s covert counter-intelligence team, have become a black project, going underground as a deniable asset to fight alien powers capable of subverting the most powerful governments in the world. When world leaders may be mind-controlled, possessed, cloned or replaced by robot duplicates, you need a team who can operate outside the chain of command and get the job done. That team is Broadsword.

In this time of global instability, other are watching. In the US, Majestic 12 coils in the shadows, waiting to eliminate their rivals, while something terrible whispers in the ear of the President. In Japan, a corporation experiments with decades old cybertechnology. In South America, bizarre cults call out to long dead alien gods… and are answered. And from the depths of space, an old enemy studies the Earth with envious eyes.

Without backup, without support, and without their vaunted Scientific Advisor, the enigmatic “John Smith”, can the men and women of Broadsword across the globe see what’s coming next?

Style: Conspiracy, action, horror.


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