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Campaigns I’d like to run, Part II

Campaign: Omega Rising

Concept: The Matrix meets the Book of Revelations

Inspirations (Movies & TV): The Matrix (the only one that didn’t suck), The Omen III

Inspirations (Comics): Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

Inspirations (Games): Avalon Hill’s Lords of Creation

Inspirations (Books): Frank Tipler’s The Omega Point

System: Tri-Stat DX

Background: Today. Life is good. Your relationships are cool, the family is great, and that job you’ve been after for ages just fell into your lap. Everything would be perfect, if only you could stop dreaming about dying. The same dream, every night. Why is it you can recall going to your friends funeral, when he’s alive and having coffee with you right now? Who are the men in trenchcoats who seem to be following you? And why are you getting the feeling that someone… some thing else is looking through your new bosses eyes? If life is so good, why does it all feel… wrong?

Style: High-speed action, super powers and horror.


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