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Campaigns I want to run, Part I

There are a bunch of RPG campaigns I’d like to run, and I never write them down and end up forgetting them. So I’m going to start archiving them here. Yay!

Campaign: Switchblade Smile

Concept: Starship Troopers meets The Dirty Dozen

Inspirations (Movies & TV): Starship Troopers & Starship Troopers 2, The Roughneck Chronicles, Blake’s 7, Babylon 5, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (new series), Aliens.

Inspirations (Comics): Warren Ellis’s Switchblade Honey

System: Vortex System/Rocket Age

Background: The 26th Century. Four hundred years after a failed alien invasion turned Earth into an armed camp and allowed the veterans to seize control, SICON and the Federation are fighting an interstellar war against the Arachnid threat. Leading the fight, the heroic forces of the Mobile Infantry are beating back the Bug Army at every turn. Victory is Imminent!

It’s all a lie, of course. The Bugs have the number advantage, and they’re winning. System by system, humanity is being driven back to their homeworld to die. Somehow, the Bugs are anticipating SICON’s tactics, acting with an intelligence they shouldn’t have. And there’s something else. Plague is ravaging the outer rim. Colonies on the other side of the war zone are vanishing. There are sighting of strange ships just before communication is lost. And High Command is beginning to wonder if the Bugs are the true enemy at all, or just a weapon, controlled by something far more dangerous and cunning…

You’re good men and women in a bad place. Locked in Military Prison for the crime of valuing lives above orders, you’re expendable assets. A rogue Sky-Marshal has assigned you a ship, the first of the Switchblade Class attack cruisers, and sent you out to harass the enemy and find out what’s really going on out there. You’ll have no recognition and limited support. On the other hand, you’ll have a ship of your own, no chain of command, and the freedom to do what the hell you want.

So, on the bounce, soldier! Do you want to live forever?


2 thoughts on “Campaigns I want to run, Part I”

  1. I had a similar idea – a Traveller campaign called ‘Punishment Battalion’ that was basically a cross between Rogue Trooper and the Sven Hassel novels…

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