Brain Food

I walk to and from work, about an hour and a half per day. When I do, because I have the sort of brain that will not stop, I listen to podcasts, audio plays and audiobooks. If I don’t, my thoughts usually end up eating me alive.

Recently, I’ve been listening to various podcasts, and I’ve found a few that might tickle your fancy too.

WOLF 359 is an odd science-fiction comedy drama about life on a space station a long way from home. It starts off in a RED DWARF vein, before getting a lot darker and stranger. I love it.

THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES is a weekly horror podcast written and performed by the effortlessly talented Jonathan Sims and a brilliant supporting cast. The Magnus Institute is an organisation that logs and investigates claims of the supernatural, and each episode reveals a new eyewitness account of the darkness that underlies our world, as well as a tiny piece of a much bigger picture. The show has a dedicated and vocal fan-base, and is one of the few horror podcasts that is genuinely unsettling.

THE BLACK TAPES is a mockumentary drama about a journalists investigation into a paranormal debunker, and the cases that he can’t debunk. The deeper into the mystery the journalist goes, the bigger and stranger it becomes, with a wonderfully complex plot that spirals into a nightmare of potentially demonic possession and maybe even the end of the world.

TANIS is the story of one man’s search for something…strange in the woods of America’s Pacific Northwest. It may be a place, an event, or a thing. It may be the key to immortality or the key to madness and eternal damnation. All we really do know, is that people call it TANIS. This is another superb mockumentary drama from the team that brings us The Black Tapes, and it does the same great job of twisting history and horror together to produce an effect that is both compelling and creepy.

THE BRIGHT SESSIONS is the serialised story of Dr Joan Bright and her psychotherapy practice – a practice that seems to focus entirely on “atypical” patients; patients with special abilities. Life can be hard enough, but when your anxiety attacks make you travel through time, or you can’t tell if the anger you’re having problems managing is yours or someone else’s, you need a special kind of therapist. But what happens if your therapist has secrets of her own?


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