Undersea Pyramid

According to the above link, a a perfectly pryamidal structure has been found 40 metres below the waves off the Azores. Not only is the structure perfectly square, but it is supposedly aligned with the cardinal points. The depth would tend to suggest that the last time that particular bit of land was above the waterline was during the last Ice Age, which begs the following questions; Who or what built it, and why?

Some interesting gaming possibilities;

1. It’s the last relic of an Atlantean outpost, chock full of still-functioning crystalline technology, orichalcum artifacts and a very twitchy security system.

2. It’s the long forgotten tomb/hibernation chamber of an Eldritch Abomination, and the pyramids discovery is the by-product of the creature stirring in its aeon-long slumber.

3. It’s the abandoned pastward terminal of a time corridor from the far future, or possibly from the far, far past.




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